Recap: This year’s SMWCPH – did you miss anything? 

Text: Tine Dührr

Social Media Week Copenhagen 2017 went by fast, and we hope you enjoyed it. Maybe you didn’t have time to go to all the amazing events, or maybe you want to go back and find that specific point you need to persuade your boss. Here is a recap of some of all the content that was produced throughout the week, and where to find it.

Several useful slides were shared during the week
Many of the speakers have shared the slides after their presentation. You can learn about both podcasts, trends and social media statistics right here:

Agnes Tassy and Gitte Frej Knudsen from Danmarks Statistik talked about how we in Denmark use IT and social media in organizations. So if you want to learn about which platforms are the biggest and other statistical numbers, these are your slides.

Eric Ziengs (who has the famous podcast Help Marketing) also shared his slides about podcasting. Here you will learn about how to establish yourself as a podcaster.

Also Rasmus Fisker, and his popular event about SoMe trends have shared his slides. If you need to know what will be the next big thing, this is your place (also, you can find the whole presentation under videos).

Another slide on statistics within Social Media. This time it was who shared their slides on all the need-to-know numbers.

Video, video, video – did you miss a presentation? Maybe we have it on video
In this year’s Social Media Week video was big – both live videos on Facebook was used throughout the week, as well as interviews with the speakers to recap their presentations.

Social Media Week’s media partners Jyske Bank TV have made quite a few videos with speakers throughout the week, you can get a recap on what is hot within trends, branding, storytelling, chat bots, employee advocacy and so on. Check all them out right here.

Several of the venues and speakers also shared their own live-video sessions on Facebook, where you can still find them:

UN City:
Advice A/S:
Chris Kubby: 

Social Media Week CPH also made quite a few videos. Some of the most popular events where filmed and the Community Managers made sure to catch some of the speakers for interviews and short recaps of the presentations:

Want to watch a whole presentation, check it out here.

Need a quick recap, watch the interviews with some of the speakers.

More into reading about the points? Find the articles from the SMW week right here
Not everything is video these days (even though it seems that way) – a few articles were also published about the events. You can get the key points on anything from chat bots, influencer marketing, use of social media to create value and employee advocacy.

David Ledstrup spoke about Chat bots, and has made an article about his points as well.

Caroline Kjærbye wrote about Influencer Marketing from the sold-out event about ‘Influencer Marketing 2.0” at Landbrug & Fødevarer.

As well as 14 key takeaways from the presentation on “How to use social media to create value for your business”.

Camilla Bergmann wrote about employees on social media from the panel debate: “Employees on social media – A risk or an advantage?” hosted at Mærsk.

Want to find that ONE tweet that just summed up the whole point (or maybe find yourself?)
Throughout the SMW week there were made quite a few tweets, and if you don’t want to go through all the hashtags, we made a few Twitter-moments to recap the days, check them out here:

Signe Kold also made a NGO version, for people interested in all the events about NGO’s – see it right here.

Thank you to all the speakers who have both shared their own content and participated in video interviews, everyone who have created content in any form, as well as all the amazing tweeters out there – without you Social Media Week wouldn’t be the same.


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