14 tricks: How to use social media to create value for your business?

Text: Caroline Kjærbye 

One of the popular events at this year’s Social Media Week was Wednesday’s talk about using social media to strengthen your business. Four great speakers gave their advice on how to succeed with this; Lars Aaes (DR), Tina Mellergaard (Landbrug & Fødevarer), Stine Sørensen (Clout Cutout) and Samantha Foltmar (Universal Music). Below are 14 key takeaways from the presentation.

1. Logos don’t sell – people do!
Use the employees, members of your organisation or anybody human to spread your messages. In the end it’s way more effective that sending that same message from the company or brand page.

2. Gain control of a specific topic
If you want attention you’ll have to find a specific topic and make yourself an expert on that. When you’ve found the topic figure out how you want to frame it. Then start writing social posts, blog posts, set up interviews with the media and do everything you can to talk about that topic. You’ll end up becoming the expert that the big media ask for when they want to discuss your topic.

3. Frame your words
All Danes remember “Betalingsringen” (the toll ring) that some people (unsuccessfully) tried to reframe as “Miljøringen” (the climate ring). Another example is the climate tax on meat that Landbrug & Fødevarer (this time successfully) reframed as a “bøfskat” (tax on steaks). The audience’s perception of your ideas is all about the framing.

4. Keep up with new tendencies
Digital and social media evolves very quickly and you’ll have to keep the pace and try out new tendencies and technology. At the moment Facebook Live is the big deal, so go ahead and dare to try it with your brand.

5. It happens right now!
Social media is about the moment right now. You’ll have to find the conversations that happen at this moment and be part of them. Furthermore, you must figure out what your specific target group is talking about – e.g. is your target group teenagers and are they talking about Skam? Then you’ll probably have to talk about Skam as well.

6. Private is the new social
People are still on social media, but mainly using it for private messages like Messenger and closed fora. That’s an issue if you’re looking for a higher reach.
If you want to communicate with your followers on e.g. Messenger today, it might be a good idea to build a chatbot. But don’t build one without no other purpose than to show-off!

7. Recycle your old content in new ways that you think is cool
If you have a boring report then make it entertaining or interesting by adding a new format. Remember: Never post stuff that you don’t think is cool yourself – cause if you don’t think it’s cool then our users won’t think so either.

8. Understand where your audience is
You don’t have to be present on all social channels if your audience isn’t. Figure out who they are, where they are and what they want. Social media is a gift to answering all these questions as they contain a lot of data.

9. Define your goal: Why are you actually doing this?
It’s not enough just to say that you want to be on Facebook. Why do you want that? And remember to always have your arguments straight – why is your brand e.g on Instagram and not Snapchat?

10. It’s all about value for value
You have to provide the audience with something of value to get value in return.
The short term values from the users are traffic, clicks etc., while the long term value is a long-lasting relation to your audience.

11. Create content that’s easy to share
It’s not a secret: The users actually want to participate in things of value – you just have to make it easy to share. Remember that your content has to be real – that’s more important than choosing between pictures or videos. Figure out what story you want to tell – that’s what makes people stop, watch and share.

12. Remember to listen
The users can provide you with invaluable feedback. They will give you their opinions on your content, improvements for your site – and they can even tell you exactly what they want from you. Use it!

13. Create less but premium content instead of a lot of mediocre content
There’s too much mediocre content out there. Focus your energy on creating premium content that the audience actually wants to watch, like and share.

14. Talk to the users in their own language
Don’t use imperatives like “Buy here”, “Read here”, “Get it here” etc. – and remember: You can not read the language and creativity of your users from data – only by monitoring and listen to them on your social media platforms.

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