Guide: How To Live Tweet

Text: Camilla Bergmann

Social Media Week Copenhagen has just started and maybe you have already notice that everyone around you is looking at their phones during the event. They are sharing knowledge, thoughts and fun facts. Be part of what everyone is talking about.

The little blue bird – Twitter.

We will provide a guide on how to live tweet your stories on Twitter. So why not try to start live tweeting on SMW this week? If you have something to say and want to share it with others, then Twitter is a good communication channel to spread your words and a nice way to get in touch with other attendees – and of cause get more followers.

Is it your first time on Twitter?
Probably you have  already seen the little blue bird before and know that Twitter is. A social networking and microblogging tool that allows you to send and read status messages from and to your followers – known as tweets. Hashtags are topic words that you add to your tweet. This makes you tweet show up in correlation with other tweets that use the same hashtags. A handle is a username and you tag at specific user in your tweet by adding @ and their username. Retweeting means that you share a tweet made by someone else with the people that follow you. Remember that you always have 140 characters to use in your tweets. At you can build your own live monitor with different people, who you follow, and specific hashtags that might be of interest to you.

Show everybody who you are
First of all you need a good profile, that tells who you are. You need an easily recognizable picture, you have to fill in a little text about yourself and select a cover photo. Now you are ready to live tweet.

Start by writing your first tweet
Tell everybody that you will live tweet from this event, so they know that you will tell a lot of cool stuff, awaken their curiosity and give them good reason to follow you during the day.

  1. Tweet valuable words, sharing knowledge and thoughts
    During the event, feel free to use valuable points, useful words and/or phrases from the speaker’s slides. If you would like to save your 140 characters, you can add picture of the speaker’s slide.
  2. Involve the speaker (and other relevant people)
    In addition, you can of course tag the speaker in your tweet. If you start your tweet with the Twitter-name of the speaker and you want everyone to see your tweet, set a dot in front of @.
  3. Use relevant hashtags and be a part of something big
    When you tweet, you can use relevant hashtags to focus around a topic. Use the event official hashtag and some other relevant once. A tip: Do not use more than three relevant hashtags.
  4. Be yourself
    Tweeting is about you and your own observation. What do you think about the event? What do you feel is the most important points?

Good luck with live tweeting and remember that during the week, you can keep in touch with Social Media Week Copenhagen on the official hasthtag #SMWCPH. Other hashtags you can use are #smdk, #SMW, #digidk and #dkmedier.

Last but not least, remember to follow @SMWCPH on Twitter.

A big thanks to Social Media Consultant Maya Schott from Mindshare for sharing her expertises. Follow Maya on Twitter: @mayaschott She is awesome.


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