Get ready for Social Media Week: 5 tips for networking

Text: Mathilde Rouzé Praetorius

Social Media Week is about to start and you might already have signed up for a range of different events and feel ready for a lot of new insights on social media. But what the week is also about is meeting new people and professionals – and here networking is the key to success.

5 tips for networking

1. LinkedIn
First step before going to any of the events at SMWi is to have a LinkedIn profile. This might seem obvious but a profile on this platform is a good preparatory effort to have done to create a personal brand and to be able to connect with other professionals on different occasions. This also goes for other social media platforms. If you have a Twitter or an Instagram profile, using the #smwcph hashtag is a way for other people to find and notice you.

2. Awareness
Be aware of why you are at the event and why you would like to network with the other participants. What is your goal with networking with other participants and what are your interests? Do you want business contacts? Is your interest based on learning more about the topic at the event? Or do you have other intentions and expectations for the event? These are important questions to have reflected upon before joining the event.

3. Going alone
For professional events and in this case the Social Media Week going alone is a good idea. It might be a bit overwhelming but this can make the networking process easier as you won’t take the easier choice and stay with the ones you came along with.

4. Be yourself
Be authentic and aware of your personal brand. How do you want to brand yourself?

It is important to reflect upon how you would like to be perceived in your professional network. This might seem as a simple tip, but an awareness about this makes your networking process a lot easier as you have made an active choice about how you would like to represent yourself as well as who you want to contact at different events.

5. Stay in touch
Make sure to follow up on the relations you build on these kind of events. They are important and good to have so add them on LinkedIn, make an effort to keep your profile active and join events in the future.

So enjoy Social Media Week in Copenhagen and good networking!

Thank you to Jackieline Panduro Axelsen who’s article inspired mine. 



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