Guide: Must Have Apps For SMWiCPH

Text: Camilla Bergmann

Your best friend is right in your pocket. Your smartphone. Do bring this companion of yours to SMWiCPH, as it will come in handy.

To be prepared for Social Media Week, we have created a list of seven must have apps for SMWiCPH, that might be usefull for you during the week.

The best way to be social and get connections

1) Twitter:
Be part of what everyone is talking about. Twitter is the ultimative must have app for SMWiCPH. When you attend an event during Social Media Week, you will notice that everyone around you is looking at their phones. That is because they are busy sharing thoughts, important points and funny comments from the event on Twitter. This is a nice way to get in touch with other attendees and see what is happening right now. Keep in touch with Social Media Week Copenhagen on the official hasthtag #SMWCPH.  

2) Instagram:
Share your best moments in nice pictures from SMWiCPH. Let everyone see that you just got close to the most awesome speaker at SMWCPH. On your Instagram story can you share the days best moments in small chunks.

3) LinkedIn:
Social Media Week is one of the best ways to meet new business connections. Networking is not only about fun and bragging – use it at as a way to connect with relevant people on LinkedIn.

4) Swarm:
Check-in to find nearby friends or just show all your friends that you are attending this awesome SMWiPCH event (especially the ones that did not get a seat). Swarm is a mobile app that allows users to share their locations within their social network.

Tools to get organized

5) Mobile Pay:
MobilePay is an app that makes it easy to share the bill after lunch with your friends after an event. (Note: To use this app you must have a Danish Mobile phone number, a mobile device and a Danish credit or debit card (sorry)).

6) Evernote:
Stay organized and write down what is on your mind. Evernote is an app that works across many platforms, designed for note taking and thus, a place to collect words of wisdom and inspirational ideas from the event. After the event you will still be able to remember the most important points.

Apps to get around

7) Foursquare:
Your brain is not the only thing that needs to be fed during the event and luckily, Copenhagen is full of delicious restaurants, cafes, markets and food stalls. Foursquare is a local search-and-discovery service mobile app. Use Foursquare to find the best coffee or sandwich place nearby.

8) Google maps:
A mobile map that makes it easy to navigate around the city and found the next event.

9) Journey Planner (Rejseplanen):
An app for people who prefer public transportation. Write your destination and find the easiest way to go there by bus, trail or metro.

10) Taxa 4×35 (Taxi booking):
Easy taxi booking where you can track the driver and pay directly from the app.

11) Bycykel København and I Bike CPH:
It is probably not gone past your nose that everybody is biking in Copenhagen. Rent a bike with the app ‘Bycykel København’. Find a bycykel station nearby you and also check the map with all bicycle stations located in Copenhagen, so you can avoid a penalty if you ride outside the zone. Afterwards download the app ‘I Bike CPH’. Find your way by bicycle in Copenhagen. The app knows all the good bike shortcuts.

A big thanks to Freja Eilertzen and Elin Jørgensen for inspiration.


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