4 ways to convince your boss that SMWi is a must-go-to

Text: Sofie Antorini

SMWi Copenhagen is coming up and maybe you already signed up for some events. But have you cleared it with your boss yet? And do you wonder how to sell him or her on the idea that this is just as (or even more) important than the presentation for next Monday, the strategy meeting Thursday or the final touches on the upcoming press release? Fear not – this guide is for you

1. First advice: Knowledge is power (and it’s free!)
So, Monday the 27th is coming up and you can already see how your different meetings and SMWi events are mismatching in your calendar. Time to talk to your boss. Your first argument is that knowledge is power – and for SMWi that knowledge is free! Approximately a 100 different opportunities to gain free knowledge in five days – what’s not to like? Bye bye expensive social media seminars and hello SMWi!

2. Second advice: Be first movers – or learn to follow the movements
SMWi has many themes. Maybe you decided to step up the company’s Snapchat game, join the Social Chatbot movement or use Instagram Live. Maybe you just want a better understanding of communicating on the different platforms or some tips to get started. SMWi is all about future trends and understanding the latest trends and you learn from the best. Enough with scrolling through endless tutorials online and get hands-on knowledge directly from the first movers and experts.

3. Third advice: This is even better than webinar and podcasts
“So, I found this webinar we should take a look at….” Well, maybe you recognize this situation and heard this sentence many times before. But often it’s hard to find the time to participate in webinars or listen to work-related podcasts and really, where to begin?

First stop: SMWi. A whole week concentrated on SoMe and communication with the opportunity to ask questions, participate in debates and learn the difference between buzzwords or bullshit. You will be enriched with new perspectives on the benefits and well as the concerns that comes with the different social medias and their possibilities. Let SMWi be your first stop and the world of webinars and podcasts be your second.

4. Fourth advice: Mingle like you mean it
SMWi is a great way to expand your network. You will be attending events with some the biggest profiles on the SoMe scene, people from the industry, young talents, entrepreneurs and potential clients (!). Later on we will provide you with a guide for networking during SMWi but for now, you can use the possibility to strengthen your network as a strong argument for why you simply have to go from being ‘interested’ to ‘attending’ on the Facebook event.

Remember everything you learn at SMWi you can pass on to your colleagues – and of course there is an event regarding how to make your colleagues love social as well! This should put an end to the scepticism you might experience from your boss and colleagues on why you have to shuffle around between Mærsk, RealDania, Enigma and CBS throughout week 9. Hopefully this will make your journey to SMWi at bit more smooth. Happy shuffling!


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