SMWiCPH – So many events, so little time

Text: Anders Lorenzen

Soon SMWiCPH will be upon us and in order to best exploit the many opportunities the week has to offer, you may want to plan ahead. No matter which theme you prefer there is a good chance that SMWiCPH will have you covered. Here’s a breakdown of some of them.

Algorithms & Big data
As the global theme may well imply, there is no shortage of tech-oriented events during this year’s SMWiCPH, so why not get straight to it.

Start the week with an extra strong cup of coffee, in fact make it two, before heading down to Advice for a report on Trump’s use of algorithms during the american election. Was it decisive?

However, If you’re really feeling that caffeine kicking in, you may instead seek out’s introduction to their Audience product, a display of the far-reaching possibilities within data science.

Trends, trends and more trends
After this showdown you are excused for having a case of the occasional numbers-fatique. Luckily SMWiCPH has a lot of different offerings. How about a forecast of the latest trends?

Whether you’re looking for megatrends, distribution trends or digital trends within B2B marketing – you name it, SMWiCPH got it! And when you’re feeling caught up with all the latest buzz, why not put it to the test at Buzzword Bingo!

VR & Chatbots
Some of the trends you will most likely hear about is virtual reality (VR) and chatbots, or perhaps you are already familiar with them? In which case you may be even more motivated to get some in-depth insights on how Maersk Drilling are using VR to bring B2B customers onboard their rigs or how VR has the potential to make 80% of all hardware products obsolete.

If chatbots is the trend that occupies your thoughts, you’re in luck. Throughout the week you can get a complete tour inside chatbot-universe. Learning everything from how machine learning, AI and bots can improve our lives to how it may be time to socialize with them and the pitfalls it would bring about. At the end of the week you can even learn how to build-a-bot and optimize it for conversational use.

The good old SoMe
Even without the use of chatbots, conflicts between community managers and users on social media still emerges on a near daily basis. So if you think we still have a lot to learn before we should even think about handing social media over to the bots, Thursday’s event on conflict management on social media is for you.

While the theme of this years Social Media Week may be centered around new forms of communication, enabled by the latest technological advancements, there is still one constant in the landscape of social media which remains irrefutable…

… Content marketing is yet again on the agenda at various events throughout the week. Start your Wednesday by boosting your skills as a digital content producer, before listening to vital insights from an industry where chasing viral has become a living. And what better way to kick-start your Friday than a morning-session with Denmark’s uncrowned king of Snapchat, Lakserytteren?

What do you say, is that something you might be interested in?

Of course SMWiCPH has a lot more on its plate than what i have described here. So head over to the schedule of the week for the full picture and begin to customize your week so it may accommodate most of your needs.


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