Why participate in Social Media Week Copenhagen?

Text: Camilla Bergmann

Maybe you have heard of it before? Perhaps it is completely new to you? I am talking about Social Media Week. Whether it is new to you or not. Do not fear. I will take you by the hand and help you along the way with this guide. In addition, I will give you two good reason why you should join and participate in SMWi in Copenhagen (SMWiCPH) on February 27th to March 3rd.

1) 5 days. More than 100 events
So let us start. What is Social Media Week exactly?

Social Media Week is a world wide conference, which takes place four times every year in different places around the world. This year’s Global Theme is “Language And The Machine – the future of communication”. Copenhagen is an ‘independent city’, which means that every event at SMWiCPH is free. The whole week is managed and run by volunteers, which is the reason why SMWiCPH is a crowdsourced conference. During the week, you will be able to attend close to 100 different events over five days across various locations in Copenhagen. You will hear about future trends, benefits and concerns surrounding social media, and get new inspiration on how to use it as a company as well as privately.

2) New connections and experiences
SMWiCPH is the right place to be social. Young students and people from different companies, employed within communication, marketing and social media, will meet for a week full of inspiration, ideas, innovations and sharing of knowledge. SMWiCPH gives you ample opportunity to expand your social network and maybe find your next customer or be someone else’s. You will be able to participate in the greatest sharing of knowledge concerning social media in Denmark and get the latest tips and tricks for everything related to social media.

So what are you waiting for
Sign up for your next inspiring event. Registration for the various events during the conference will take place via SMWiCPH’s website – so keep a look out for the program.  

Remember that during this week, you can keep in touch with Social Media Week Copenhagen on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Follow the hashtag #SMWiCPH or #SMWCPH.


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