Create a Feedback Loop with Customers to Build a Better Product and Community

Understanding your customers’ wants and needs allows you to directly create better relationships within your community.

Businesses today are using data, analytics, and predictive models to make better, smarter, and faster decisions. Essentially, you cannot improve without iteration, and the shorter the return between action and feedback, the better and faster marketers can operate.

In November, we heard from Dana Griffin, Chief Revenue Officer at Knotch, explain why community-born insights are important to improve your business, even if they come directly from your customers after you initially contact them.

She encourages organizations, and especially marketers, to create a feedback loop with customers to build a long-term relationship that positively impacts the community and product they’re using.

This video explores Griffin’s advice further, and to watch the full session (“Rise of the Machines: How Predictive Models are Transforming Marketing“), you can sign up for SMW Insider here.

Watch the video here!

SMW Staff

SMW News, Social Media Week

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