Why Digital Experiences Help Pinterest Build The World’s Catalog Of Ideas

Pinterest is unlike many other social platforms; it really isn’t about social networking or communication. “It’s more about ‘me’ time,” said Raashi Rosenberger, Creative and Brand Strategist at Pinterest. “When someone saves content on Pinterest, they’re not doing it because they think that’s the persona that other people want to see, they’re doing it because that’s genuinely what’s interesting to them.”

In this session at Social Media Week Chicago, Rosenberger discussed the ways in which marketers can create meaningful and helpful experiences. She also showcased the evolution of our brains and what the future holds for marketers. To watch the entire talk, plus access more than 100 hours of other SMW events, presentations, and interviews, sign up for SMW Insider.

Our Brains in the 21st Century
“Our brains are being rewired as a result of our digital world,” said Rosenberger. Our brains continue to shift and evolve based on the digital media we consume. Because of this, marketers need to figure out how to tap into these changes.

Rosenberger took us into three different factors and how they are affecting our brains: Social, Gaming (VR and AR), and Access to Information. In terms of social, she discussed the ways in which we check our social accounts, like Facebook, for likes. “This is impacting a very specific part of our brains.” Once you get a like, you start wanting more and more of them and continue checking your phone, almost like an addiction. As positive as technology is, there are also some clear negative effects it can have on our brains.

Next, Rosenberger discussed gaming’s impact on our brains, with a specific focus on VR gaming. “If you experience VR for a total of thirty minutes, you should take a break for ten minutes,” she said. Going over thirty minutes can affect the way our brains see the world. She also spoke about access to information, and how it’s affecting education of children. Rosenberger mentioned the music effect, which says that “listening to music helps and facilitates brain development.”

The Flow State
Rosenberger introduced the concept of the flow state, which is the “mental operation in which someone is immersed in a particular style of focus… They are almost hypnotized without distractions.”

One good example of the flow state is Pokemon Go, which through an immersive experience, integrated movement and encouraged action. Rosenberger also showed us how Patron kept people in the flow state with their personalized Cocktail Lab. Like Pokemon Go and Patron’s Cocktail lab, Pinterest falls into the flow state. “People aren’t using Pinterest to kill time. They’re using it to find new things they want to try in real life.” Pinterest provides an interesting layer of engagement to its users, keeping them in the flow state.

Session Takeaways:

  • Understanding what people do with their digital experiences: killing time, browsing, discovering, searching for something in particular, shopping for things you want to buy, and finding things you want to do in real life.
  • How people on Pinterest are taking action by seeking inspiration and expressing creativity.
  • Productive play – how Pinterest can be used to enhance our everyday experiences.

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Written by:

Yale Buchwald

Contributing Writer , New York University

YalebuchwaldYale is a Contributing Writer at Social Media Week and The Drum’s Found Remote. He is currently a student at New York University and is majoring in Media, Culture, and Communication. Yale aspires to pursue a career in the field of communications, and has an affinity for tech, social media, television, and music.


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